The Music Education Resource Guide

Welcome to the Music Education Resource Guide! It's the best tool to find both music instrument industry services and products – everything frominstruments and uniforms to awards, camps, festivals, and more. We want this to be a simple, powerful database. As with anything, there are bound to be a few questions. Hopefully this page will answer some of them.

What is the Music Education Resource Guide?

The Music Education Resource Guide is a database of companies that provide goods and services for music educators. We aim to cover every category of products that can make your store more profitable.

I'm a supplier. Why do I need to list my company in the Music Education Resource Guide?

The Music Ecucation Resource Guide is the only way to ensure your company will be listed in the annual print version of theMusic Ecucation Resource Guide. The data from the onlineMusic Ecucation Resource Guide is the source for all updates made to the annual print version of the Music Ecucation Resource Guide.

I'm an educator. Do I need to list our program in the Music Education Resource Guide?

No – the Directory is here to serve as your comprehensive guide to the industry. Use it for free as much as you'd like.

How do I find a company?

To find a specific company, simply type their name into the search bar at the top of the page.

If you know what you product you're looking for (percussion instruments, for example), but don't know who supplies them, browse a category by clicking on a category's homepage icon or by clicking on the category link along the menu on the left side of the screen.

Why are some companies highlighted?

Certain companies have partnered with us to highlight their listings, so they can stand out. We highlight their company in the list of providers, and also highlight their brands at the top of each page. They're advertisements, much like how Google places certain pages at the top their search results.

Do I have to register to use the Directory?

Not to search! Anyone can come and search the Directory and contact companies via the Directory – without having to register. If you want to add your company to the Directory, or claim a company already in the Directory, or purchase advertising for your company in the Directory, then yes, you need to register.

How do I register for the Directory?

Click on the "Register" link in the upper-left-hand corner of the home page. Alternately, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. You'll be asked to fill out the form pictured below, asking for an email address, password, name and phone number – and to input a "Captcha"-type security code that lets us know you're not a spambot.

How do I add my company to the Directory?

Once you've registered, click on the "Add a FREE Listing" button on the 'Your Listings' page where you can begin to add your company.

How much does it cost to add a company to the Directory?

A basic listing, including your company name, street, and web address, is FREE!

You can add your free listing to as many sections as you like, but if we believe it is inappropriate for your company to be in a given section, we reserve the right to pull you from it. (For example, if you're a software company, we're not going to list you in the "awards" category, as you probably don't awards.)

What do I do if my company's already in the Directory?

Click on the "Claim this listing" link at the bottom of each record, or just send an email to Include the name of the company, your name, your affiliation with the company, and your contact info. We'll do some research and make sure you're the appropriate person to hand the listing off to. If everything is in order, we'll send you an email when you can edit the listing.

How do I delete a company from the database?

Send an email to stating who you are and why you would like a listing deleted. Our staff will review the info and get back to  you.

How can I add extra info to my company listing?

On the "Your Listings" page, click the "Preview/Edit" link next to your company name. Then click the orange "Edit the information for…" bar on the bottom of the blue box. Once there you can add any one of three packages of info:

  1. Basic Contact Extension – You can enter the name of a contact person at your company as well as two phone numbers and a fax number.
  2. E-contact Extension – This will let every visitor to the Directory know exactly how to contact you across all your media platforms, including email, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more.
  3. Company Description Extension – This is a 900-character (approx. 150 words) description of your company that will let visitors to the site know exactly what it is you do, and how you do it so well.

Each of these extensions do cost money. You will be billed after you enter the info. Each added bonus info will last for 1 year before needing to be renewed.

How can I highlight my company?

Having your company highlighted means that you will be displayed on a vibrant blue background on the main listing sheet, making sure you get the visitor's attention! Your listing will also be pulled to the top of the page (in rotation with other highlighted listings) so that visitors see your listing first!

Unlike Extended Info,  Highlights don't automatically appear across the whole website. You can highlight your company in as many different sections as you like, but each one is a separate purchase.

What is a Featured Company, and how can my company become one?

A "Featured Company" listing puts your company's name on the homepage of the Music Education Resource Guide alongside a Category Icon, with a direct link to your company in the category description. This establishes a strong connection between your company and that category.

You can purchase this by clicking on the "Add Enhancements" button underneath your company listing on the "Your Listings" page.