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4335 Van Nuys Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 91403
Online Resources: Music Prodigy's interactive practice and assessment platform is completely digital and cloud-based, which works seamlessly on any PC, Mac or mobile device.
Software: Music Prodigy's flagship offering, Music Prodigy Core, is the only music educational tool that provides instantaneous green note/red note capability with polyphonic pitch recognition (multiple notes) for all computers and mobile devices requiring no external microphone. With instantaneous feedback (no waiting for the end of the piece), Music Prodigy Core listens to all voices, strings, percussion, and winds operates and is designed to improve student performance and outcomes. Included in the Music Prodigy Core platform is Music Prodigy Quiz, a ground-breaking, comprehensive music classroom student evaluation tool for general music students, ensemble students, and university students. For the first time ever, music teachers can assess students on knowledge and performance in a single setting. Music Prodigy Quiz gives teachers the ability to create their own questions in a variety of formats from multiple-choice to audio identification to performance evaluation, all in one assessment. Teachers also have the flexibility to simply select from a test question database making it easier than ever to design and deliver formative and summative assessments. Music Prodigy Quiz test results are consolidated in real-time and easily accessed for classroom, school, district, and state reporting. No extra hardware is required allowing students to simply sing, play their instrument or tap out a rhythm on their desk. Music Prodigy Core also delivers over thousands of titles through Music Prodigy Marketplace which is a rich library where students and teachers have the capability to access a variety of titles, method books and exercises for a wide range number of instruments and voices. Also available for purchase is access to music titles from publishers like Hal Leonard, Kendor, Carl Fischer, Kjos and Alfred.
Relevance: Jazz, Band & Orchestra, Choral


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